If you can't keep your eyes away from stock markets volatility and aspire to be the prudent investor in future, this is the time to bring out the skill of making the fortunes out of virtual trading employing the very basic rules of stock market. Let’s talk Money, let’s talk Finance!


Bookworms, nerds, geeks and geniuses, you can find them all at this supreme confluence of the best minds and quizmasters from all over the country! The event presents an opportunity to test your knowledge and personality traits through tests and interactions IIM - Ranchi, BIT Mesra, NIT Jamshedpur, NIT Rourkela, NIT Durgapur and our home team have been the most famous rivals in the past. Previous editions were hosted by the likes of Derek O'Brien and we intend to maintain these standards.


A pan India level essay competition which seeks to bring the young contemplating minds who have a distinct way of understanding issues as well as outstanding writing skill to write about the issues which are concerned with core of the society and intellectually stimulating too. The participants demonstrate their intensive understanding of complex issues in this event. Erudition is the signature trait of Essario.


"As fast as an eagle, as slow as a slug. As tall as a tree, as small as a bug. Some times in front, sometimes behind. Never on top, but always aligned." Let your riddle-loving mind of Sherlock Holmes run free and you will find that the word you seek is your own shadow. Showcase the brilliance of your mind and leave others dumbstruck by your sharp mind. Sounds geeky? Well, here is the chance to witness how brilliance stirs our very existence.


A conscientious topic, eminent speakers, a keen and intellectual audience: in short a perfect combination of ingredients for an explosive debate that will stimulate and fire your grey cells. The panelists are handpicked from the creamy of India’s elite intellectuals and discussions are as informat ive as it engrossing.


Fight of gladiators belongs to the pages of history, and so does the hardworking man of Industrial revolution era now. RoboWar is the present and future of our world. From performing mundane tasks to carrying out sophisticated tasks, robots are capable of doing what humans can only imagine. It's time for learning the intricacies of robotics to solve the problems of world. Apply your scientific theories, technological knowledge and creativity to create the robots of future. RoboWar, a twisting unit of competitions is brought to you by Pranav who aspire to feel invisible elemental power. Grab your mettle, act on metal, juggle up the ideas to come up with a robust robot that would follow the will of the humankind.



Are you a sailor? Enjoy the thrill of navigating by making an aquabot, feel the sails by avoiding hurdles and secure your precious cargo from sinking down the depths of seas. Bring out the engineering skills in you into the water. Make a robot that's capable not only of navigating around in the water but also of picking up loads at the same time. It'll take your skills and knowledge of physics, robotics



Water Rocket is a mechanical even that involves the fabrication of a rocket whose fuel/thrust for flight is obtained by the use of water that is expelled at a large air pressure. It is an example of Newton’s third law of motion. The event tests a couple of aspects of the rocket’s flight. These include range, time of flight and accuracy of the launching mechanism.



Join us in our entrepreneurial passion and apply your creative abilities to build the business of tomorrow. This is an event which judges participant’s entrepreneurial skill and brings out their innovation to disrupt and rule the market.



Met-Sol is also a technical event under PRANAV. In this event problems statements are released relating to industry or any common engineering problem that directly or indirectly affects common people and their metallurgical solutions are requested from the participants.



Mechstruct is a technical event under the flagship of PRANAV. This is an event where you can test your knowledge of trusses and apply them in a real world situation to design structures which are stable, strong as well as cost effective.



Eminent scholars and esteemed public speakers from the field of technology, management, public policy, and liberal arts deliver the guest lectures in Pranav. The brainstorming which we witness in this event is unprecedented in nature. It's all about the best ideas from every disciplines.


Technical paper reviews, project ideas for industries and bold initiatives for a better tomorrow of the metallurgical & materials and manufacturing industry. From Steel making, Foundry, Material Characterization, Computational Materials, Manufacturing Processes, this serves the function of bringing together students, researchers and industry representatives to discuss the future! Poster competitions, Talks and Lectures—all under this one event.



Butterfly effect says that each small physical actions aggregate and finally lead to a great physical phenomenon. Are you creative enough to make a series of small actions and finally achieve the big goal!



Testing the 'on your toes' capabilities … Contestants will be given a real-life problem and they will have to fix it within the stipulated time. The teams will be tested on their ability to analyse problems on which a whole variety of data has been provided. They will need to screen the data and come up with relevant conclusions regarding what the issue is and how it may be solved. There will also be questions regarding industrial protocols with respect to safety, etc. and why exactly they are followed.



Unleash the gamer hidden inside you. Defeat others in multi-player combat games. Mini-Militia, CS:GO, NFS, etc. No matter what game it is, be the best.

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